how it works

Once a month, we highlight two charities from the Houston area. For each drink purchased, guests receive one vote that they may cast that night for one of the two charities selected by our staff. The charity with the most votes at the end of the night receives 25% of the night's proceeds plus 50% of the monthly charity beer profits, second place will receive the remaining 50%.





"We are a community of Catholic lay missionaries, single men and women, married couples and families called by our Baptism to mission. We seek love and walk with our neighbors, sharing the Gospel joyfully, living our faith and growing in loving relationship with God and each other. We dedicate our lives to the Gospel communal life, By creating moments of encounter, cultivating community, supporting and placing full-time missionaries into under-resourced communities, we are able to provide a wide variety of quality Catholic outreach, formation and pastoral care."

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"Our vision is to enhance the lives of children who are being admitted into a hospital for a prolonged amount of time. Dec My Room volunteers personalize the hospital room upon their arrival with items that complement the special likes and interests of the individual patient. These items are for them to enjoy during their stay and take home when they leave. Dec My Room is a unique and innovative charitable program. Our efforts help improve the attitudes of patients and their healing process. Dec My Room is funded by grants, charitable donations and volunteer support."