What We're Drinking Right Now

We periodically like to pretend that you guys care what we're drinking. So here we go.


The Bitter Old Kevin - Most of the time I spend at the bar is also during office hours so I try to stick to Non-Alcoholic stuff. It doesn't really have a name so they started calling it the Bitter Old Kevin, presumably after my sunny disposition. It's Diet Coke with Angostura Bitters and Lime. If it sounds like something your Grandpa would drink, it's because I have the lifestyle habits of your Grandpa. 


Wisconsin Old Fashioned and Pumpkinator (not together) - My wife and I might be most of the reason that we did a post on the Wisconsin Old Fashioned. If you haven't tried one you need to. Whiskey, Sour is the how I do it, but lately I've been leaning towards Pumpkinator. I don't normally go after the Pumpkin-y beers but with the cooler weather it's what I find in my glass more often than not. 


Hazy IPA's and Daiquiri's - When I'm at the bar I usually mix it up a lot but lately I've been joining the cool kids on the Hazy IPA bandwagon. B-52 Wheez the Juice and Ze Hazy, and Copperhead Citraddicted tend to be the one most common. At home I've basically been mainlining daiquiri's because I bought WAY too many limes and a handle of good rum last week. Here's how I make mine: 2 oz of a nice aged rum, 1 oz of Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, and .75 oz lime juice. Shake and serve up. Maybe don't drink more than 2 in a night; these aren't your usual frozen nonsense, these are drinks that would make Hemingway proud.