The Charity Beer

Charity Beer

Deacon Baldy passed away over two years ago now but every week I still meet someone at the bar whose life he touched in some way. Every once in a while, if I'm really lucky, I'll learn something new about Mike. Mike was a pilot and flew planes for as long as I knew him, but last week I met someone from a local airfield who said he remembered Mike and all the Angel Flights he did. Not only did I not know that Mike had been doing Angel Flights, I didn't know what they were. An angel flight, as it turns out, is when a pilot provides free travel for someone in need, usually for medical treatment. Incredible right? As it turns out, Mike had done a great number of them, usually for treatment at MD Anderson, according to the gentleman. 

There are many attributes one could attach to my friend but one that no one could argue with was "unfailingly generous". One of the fruits of that generosity is the MGM foundation. The MGM (Mike Gene Mims) foundation is a 501(c)(3) that exists to give money to organizations that reflect the value of the foundation and their Catholic Faith. 99% of all money in the fund goes directly to charities. Some of the things that they have supported in the past include, but are now limited to Houston Marine Moms, St. Jude's Cancer Research Hospital, Cystic Fribrosis, Tough Mudder (Wounded Warrior Project), Pope Paul VI Institute, Texas Legacy Volleyball Club, and immunizeUSA.

Beginning this week, we will have one beer on our wall marked as our "Charity Beer". One Dollar of every beer sold from that tap will go directly to charity. We will begin by giving to the MGM foundation, in honor of Deacon Baldy, and in the future will take up the mantle for other causes for which we can support. 

So the next time you see a little Deacon Baldy's Head under a tap, know that your beer is going to a good cause. We want to be like Mike. This is as good a start as any.