BBQ Godfather is Coming to Deacon Baldy's

BBQ Godfather, considered by many to be the best BBQ establishment in all of Texas, is coming to Deacon Baldy's; and not just for their typical one day jaunt. BBQ Godfather, starting May 2nd will be one of our permanent food trucks! 

Like many other BBQ joints, people tend to be a little skeptical when they hear "Come have the greatest BBQ known to man!!!" What we can tell you, by first hand knowledge, is that BBQ Godfather backs up his claims; not just with great BBQ, but with a staggering award cabinet. The Houston Chronicle named him one of the top 6 food trucks in all of Houston (next to CraftBurger, Cousins Maine Lobster, and The Lucky Fig - all Deacon Baldy's food trucks; past and present). 

Be sure to come and see Tony, the BBQ Godfather himself, every Tuesday through Sunday starting May 2nd.