New Fall Cocktails


With Fall here it's time to change up our cocktail menu again and like the last few season's we're trying to bring you a few that you've seen before, a couple that you haven't, and maybe one or two twists on the classics. This fall we're focusing on brown liquid and now that we think about it, a lot of ginger, to make the most of the nice weather. We're keeping the margarita of course and the Juice is too nostalgic to ever take off, but the rest will be all new. These will be dropping next week by the way...

Apple Pie Old Fashioned

We love a good Old Fashioned but every now and again it's good to throw it for a loop and try a new take. We stripped it down and we're making this one with Applejack (similar to Apple Brandy), Maple Syrup, and Barrel Aged Bitters.

Fall Sangria

We're still using our traditional Spanish base wine, Grenache, but everything else is different. We're upping some spices, taking out some things, adding some others, and garnishing it with cinnamon, cranberries, and an orange peel. This will be a great one to sip all season until we figure out what the heck a winter sangria looks like. 

The Czech Whiskey Sour

We take a traditional whiskey sour of Bourbon, lemon, and simple syrup and we spike it with an addition of Jelinek Fernet, a check Fernet (that tastes nothing like it's angry cousin Fernet Branca), and shake it with some egg white for added body. If you haven't had an egg white in a whiskey sour you just haven't had it the way it's supposed to be had. Trust us, it's not gross. 

Pear & Elderflower Colins

This, I'm certain, will be our most popular Fall offering. We make an ultra refreshing collins with Vodka, St. Germain, Pear Liqueur, Pear Puree, Honey Ginger Syrup, and some soda. The whole thing is very light and delicate and since it comes by the pint, you won't HAVE to rush back and forth to get more, but you will. 

The Yes-Man

The Yes-Man started as a basic stonewall and quickly spiraled out of control into something completely different. We take our Applejack and mix it with Dry Apple Cider and Ginger Beer for a simple, no frills, classic

The Spiced Dark & Stormy

We've wanted to do a Dark & Stormy for a while but we wanted to do something fun with it so we took a page our of Jeffrey Morgenthler's book and we made our own House Spiced Rum. We spice the rum in house and mix it with Gosling Ginger beer because if you don't Gosling will sue you. Seriously, they own the name Dark & Stormy. 


One of the giants of the cocktail world, the Manhattan is Bourbon, Sweet Vermouth, Angotura Bitters, and a Cherry served up. Some things just shouldn't be messed with.

Penicillin (See Image above)

Definitely our most aggressive cocktail on the list, I won't say this is going to cure your cold... but it won't not cure your cold. The Penicillin is built on a base of Monkey Shoulder blended Scotch with Lemon, House Made Honey Ginger Syrup, and has a floater of Smoaky Islay Scotch.