What We're Drinking Right Now

Well not like... now now. Right now I'm drinking coffee because it don't shift gears into booze until noon or so. I like to pretend that people are interested in what the staff here are drinking at the moment because, well who wouldn't be? We're awesome and adorably narcissistic. 

Joey - Cigar City Brewing Jai Alai IPA

Jai Alai.jpg

Cigar City Brewing just came into town and with it, the legend that is Jai Alai. It is truly extraordinary. The Nose is an intense combination of Tangerine, Orange Peel, and resin. The taste though... oh what a taste. It starts almost comically malty, Biscuit and Caramel, like a Rusty British Beer. Then, suddenly, high above it... a hop. A collection of citrus hanging there, unwavering. Until a juicy gooseberry and pine like flavor takes it over, sweetening it into a hop symphony of such delight. This is a beer like I've never tasted. Filled with such longing, such unfulfillable longing. This is no mere collection of hops, malt, and yeast. This is God speaking to us through beer. 

Evan - Blanton's Bourbon and NEIPA

Not together though. Blanton's is a Bourbon with a good amount of wheat in it which gives it no small amount of sweetness. They're all Single Barrel Bourbon's which used to be found at any decent liquor store but now you either have to get lucky or know someone. If you can't find Blanton's, Weller's is usually available. It's a great intro to Wheaters if you haven't had one.

NEIPA's are hopped in a way that give the beer a massive amount of Juice flavor with far less bitterness than other IPA styles. I'll be down at Sigma in Houston for their release of Medina Sod this weekend. 

Medina Sod.jpg

Natalie - New York Sours

NY Sour.jpg

The New York Sour is by no means a complicated drink. It is essentially a modified Whiskey Sour. Bourbon, Lemon, Sugar, and a floater of Dry Red Wine. It sounds strange if you've never had one before but It's kinda my go to right now if we don't have a coffee-heavy stout on. 



Sergio - Topo Chico

Topo Chico is the best beverage in the world. Period. Next Person.

Nick - Trinidad Sour

Trinidad Sour.jpg

I have an unhealthy obsession with the Trinidad Sour. My body is probably about 6% Angostura Bitters at this point. The Trinidad Sour is a pretty challenging cocktail that, uniquely, uses Angostura Bitters as a base spirit and not as a flavoring agent, which is a little bit like eating soup made entirely from cilantro. Angostura Bitters is a tincture (not meant to be used as a drink by itself) made of a metric ton or so of gentian, herbs, and spices. The Sour uses over-proofed rye whiskey, orgeat (almond syrup), and lemon juice. It is an intensely flavored, but balanced cocktail that lingers in the mouth for a while. If you're looking for something really different, you absolutely need to try one.