Who is Deacon Baldy?

Baldy Wings

Deacon Baldy is a person whom we loved and admired. He passed away last year in a helicopter accident. He was 51 years young.

He had only two speeds, on and off. His ‘on’ was full bore, do a ton of things at once, live your life to the fullest. His ‘off’ was snoring on the couch!

Mike was a larger than life person both in stature and personality.  His bald head and a “life is good” t shirt were his trademarks.   He did a lot of everything, preaching, teaching, working, flying, missioning,  and loving, especially his grandchildren.

He would love the 40 beers on tap, that fits perfectly with his spirit of adventure and trying new things.

Deacon Mike’s life was centered around his Catholic Faith, His Family and his friends. Actually, not his friends, because Mike didn’t have friends he had more family. Everyone was family. He loved people where they were and gave focused attention to each person he met.

That’s one of the reasons why at Deacon Baldys we have picnic tables and a family friendly atmosphere, to build family. We try to bring that personal attention and focus to each person who walks into our park.

Deacon Mike loved to entertain. The family backyard was constantly full of ‘family’.  The family ‘Juice’ (Crown and diet in the largest glass you have with extra limes-find it on the menu) was often in his hand with a cigar and the great big welcoming smile you see on all the logos.

Deacon Mike lived the Saint Augustine quote: “Pray as though everything depends on God and Work as though everything depends on you.” That is the legacy that he continues to share with us and we want to share with you!