‘wiches on wheels

All burgers made with a 1/2 LB, special 3-meat blend of brisket, pork belly and beef short rib. The are served with choice of WoW side.

The Misteak ($16)

Juicy beef tenderloin slices seasoned and grilled to perfection. It’s topped with sharp cheddar, savory bacon and finished with a raspberry chipotle sauce on a sweet sourdough bun.

The Classic.JPG

The Classic ($13)

Sharp cheddar, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and onions served on egg bun.

Hell's Bells.JPG

The Hell’s Bells ($15)

Habanero cheddar, creamy avocado pepper sauce, bacon, grilled onion, grilled serranos and fresh made pico de gallo served on egg bun.


The Yank ($15)

Swiss cheese, provolone, mayo, bacon, grilled onion and mushrooms on sweet sourdough bun.

Vato Loco.JPG

El Vato Loco ($15)

Sharp cheddar, gacamole, fresh-made pico and jalapeño ranch served on egg bun.


The Sunrise ($15.50)

Sharp cheddar, comeback sauce, bacon, grilled onions, fries and a fried egg served on egg bun.

Mac Daddy.JPG

The Mac Daddy ($15)

Bacon and our homemade mac n cheese piled high served on egg bun.

El Guapo.JPG

El Guapo ($14.50)

Muenster cheese, comeback sauce, bacon and grilled onions served on egg bun.

Meaty Fries.JPG

Meaty Fries

Beef Tenderloin ($14)

Burger Meat ($13)

Pulled Pork ($13)

Our seasoned fries topped with Quesorizo and your choice of meat. They are finished with comeback sauce and jalapeño ranch.